Bird watching

bird-watchingThe Ria Formosa Nature Reserve is the largest wetland of south Portugal covering approximately 60 km of the coastline from Ancão to Manta Rota forming an estuary and lagoon system.  It is found between Tavira and Faro and so is within easy reach of our apartments.

From the sea to the land, the area is divided by beaches, dunes, mud banks, marshes, saltpans, sandbanks and areas of freshwater entrance. This variety of environmental conditions has given rise to diversified biological communities and abundant food resources for migrating birds.

This wetland area is an important stopping point for bird migration between Northern Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa. During the wintering seasons, the wetlands offer shelter and food for thousands of aquatic birds such as flamingos, spoon bills, and a large number of winter waders.

The Ria Formosa is also a breeding environment for herons, grebes, and white storks.


We have a selection of maps showing scenic walks you can choose from including Ria Formosa Natural Park and Castro Marim Natural Reserve that provide opportunities to spot some of these bird species.

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